During the COVID-19 experience, we discovered that some communications that previously required an office visit could be handled by telephone. If you are interested in the possibility of saving yourself a trip to the office, please call our office for more information.

There will be a fee for these virtual visits, which may be covered by dental benefits, but this investment could save your time, your travel and your exposure to more of the environment outside your home than necessary.

Your visit could be handled by cell phone, using texted images if necessary.

Zoom or another web application on your phone or another device is also possible, allowing a video conference.

This communication could involve an introduction and screening by a staff member before a conversation with Dr. Momany or Dr. Reynolds, and end with a front staff member helping make any necessary arrangements with our office or a specialty referral.

Also possible is a consultation with one of our treatment coordinators, who can share your treatment plan with you as well as explain images, forms, documents and other information. Appointments can be made, financial arrangements made and payment collected. It may be easier for you to have a partner with you, possibly even in another location, instead of both of you having to travel to the office.

We are excited to offer this use of technology to help keep you safe!