Background: Our community has many talented artists, some with limited opportunities to showcase their work. Puyallup Valley Dental Care intends to provide publicity for some of them.

Location: Puyallup Valley Dental Care’s art gallery is located in the office, which is conveniently located to Puyallup, Sumner, and the surrounding communities. It is seen daily by patients and other visitors to the office.

Hours of Operation: Puyallup Valley Dental Care is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the gallery is viewable during these times.

Exhibition Length: Exhibits are displayed for three months.

Promotion: News about your art being displayed in our gallery will be announced in our office, through our e-mailed newsletter, on our website, and on our Facebook page.

Sales: Artists are encouraged to offer their works for sale, but are not required to do so. All sales are handled privately between the artist and the buyer. Puyallup Valley Dental Care does not take a commission on any works sold through the gallery.

Artists of all types of work are encouraged to apply, including but not limited to paint, ink, pencil, mixed media, textiles, mosaic, glass, recycled materials, photography, calligraphy, collage, and fiber art. For further information: Please e-mail Heidi .