At Puyallup Valley Dental Care we believe that the most beneficial investments are those that help us bring the best treatment available to our patients. With this goal in mind, we are excited to utilize cone beam three-dimensional imaging to help better diagnose and treat our patients.

Cone beam 3-D imaging is revolutionizing dental practice and the way that we gather and use information about each individual patient. The cone beam 3-D imaging, so named because the x-ray beam is emitted in the shape of the cone, is a means of providing a sophisticated and extremely accurate diagnosis, thus allowing our doctors to create a comprehensive and detailed treatment plan to best serve the needs of each unique patient. No longer must we rely on flat, two dimensional imaging to inform our knowledge of each patient’s specific treatment needs. Instead, 3-D imaging allows us to see clear, detailed imagery of the teeth, bones, and soft tissues from all angles with less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Cone beam 3-D imaging differs from 2-D imaging (traditional x-rays) because the cone beam converts images into a three-dimensional view; using sophisticated computer technology, our doctors can manipulate the images to view the anatomy of the teeth and surrounding structures. This third dimension allows them to pinpoint problem areas that 2-D x-ray imaging would not have previously allowed them to see. For example, they can diagnose tumors and disease in the early stages, better determine where nerves are located when planning for extractions, view impacted teeth, pinpoint the most effective placement for implants and the appropriate size and type of implant, and locate hidden roots for root canal treatment.

Finally, the use of 3-D imaging in our office means that patients are now able to save both time and money in obtaining effective treatment. Instead of having to spend additional money and precious time to receive a 3-D x-ray at an outside facility prior to treatment in our office, patients can obtain a 3-D x-ray in just moments at our office. We can then use the imaging data to seamlessly diagnose and treat you the same day.